Ludwig Pfeiffer

Here you will find an extract of our references.

Construction of a potable water pipeline and bridge crossings in Jalal Abad

Location: Jalal Abad, Kyrgyzstan
Year: 2016

Water treatment plant in Bazar Korgon

Location: Bazar Korgon, Kyrgyzstan
Year: 2016

Wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Ureki

Location: Ureki, Georgien
Year: 2018

Wastewater trearment plant (WWTP) Yardimli

Location: Yardimli, Azerbaijan
Year: 2018

Wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) Bihac

Location: Bihac, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Year: 2018

Wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) Anaklia

Location: Anaklia, Georgia
Year: 2018

Waste water treatment plant (WWTP) Kystendil

Location: Kystendil, Bulgaria
Year: 2015

Sea outfall Port Vendres

Location: Port Vendres, France
Year: 2017

Ludwig Pfeiffer Abwasseranlage Nicaragua

Construction of a wastewater plant

Location: Granada, Nicaragua
Year: 2016

Ludwig Pfeiffer Neubau Druckwassertank Afghanistan

Construction of Galvanized Steel Pressed Water Tanks

Location: Imam Sahib, Afghanistan
Year: 2015

Ludwig Pfeiffer Compact Pipe

Rehabilitation of the water supply network

Location: Hong Kong, PR China
Year: since 2006

Ludwig Pfeiffer Horizontalbohrung

Crossing of an Airfield by HDD

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Year: 2015

Ludwig Pfeiffer Wassertrum in Prag

Construction of a water reservoir tower

Location: Jìrí Zdenek, Czech Republic

Ludwig Pfeiffer Microtunneling in Frankreich

Microtunnel project

Location: Barrage de Bimont, France
Year: 2016

Ludwig Pfeiffer Erweiterung Wassernetzwerk Béziers

Extension of the water network

Location: Béziers region, France
Year: 2012

Ludwig Pfeiffer Verlegung Elektroleitung Combs la Ville

Host pipe under SNCF rails for electrical cabels

Location: Combs la Ville, France
Year: 2012


Ludwig Pfeiffer Bau Freigefälleleitung Roubaix

Construction of a gravitation collector

Location: Canal des Couteaux – Roubaix, France
Year: 2014

Ludwig Pfeiffer Stuttgart Pipelinebau Trinkwasser

Feeder Pipe Laichinger Alb

Location: Stuttgart, Deutschland
Year: 2008

Ludwig Pfeiffer Abwasseranlage

Construction of a collector line, train formation depot

Location: Halle/Saale, Germany
Year: 2014-2015

Ludwig Pfeiffer Leipzig Mischwasserbecken

Construction of a rain storage reservoir with storage sewer

Location: Leipzig, Germany
Year: 2013-2014

Ludwig Pfeiffer Dresden Rohrleitungsbau Rohwasser

Construction of a raw water pipeline, trenchless pipe replacement and above ground piping bypass

Location: Dresden, Germany
Year: 2015-2016

Ludwig Pfeiffer Leuna Abwasserbecken

Construction of a reinforced concrete plant with pipeline bridges and stainless steel Pipes

Location: Leuna, Germany
Year: 2014-2015

Ludwig Pfeiffer Subic Kanalsanierung Freihandelszone

Rehabilitation of wastewater sewers in a freeport zone

Location: Luzón, Philippines
Year: 2014

Ludwig Pfeiffer Garbsen Druckrohrsanierung Compact Pie

Rehabilitation of a conveyor pipeline

Location: Garbsen, Germany
Year: 2015

Ludwig Pfeiffer Stade DynTec Druckrohrsanierung

Rehabilitation of brine pipelines

Location: Ohrensen, Germany
Year: 2015-2016

Ludwig Pfeiffer Berlin DynTec grabenlose Rohrsanierung

Trenchless rehabilitation of a wastewater pressure pipe

Location: Berlin, Germany
Yea: 2014-2015


Ludwig Pfeiffer Kolba Wasserwerk

Rehabilitation of a Pump Station, Plant Extension and Construction of Potable Water Pipelines

Location: Kolba, Germany
Year: 2010-2011


Ludwig Pfeiffer Kanalsanierung

Sewer Rehabilitation with an hydraulic milling robot

Locatiom: Cheb, Czech Republic
Year: 2015


Ludwig Pfeiffer Wasserkraftanlage Odertal

Rehabilitation of an hydroelectric power plant

Location: Oder Dam, Bad Lauterberg, Germany
Year: 2014-2015

Ludwig Pfeiffer Kanalsanierung

Rehabilitation of an Inliner with circular and oval profile

Location: Pardubice, Czech Republic
Year: 2016

Ludwig Pfeiffer Leipzig Berstlining Sanierung

Trenchless rehabilitation of a main supply pipe

Location: Leipzig, Germany
Year: 2015

Ludwig Pfeiffer Dresden Rohrleitungsbau Trinkwasser

Construction of a potable water pipeline, trenchless replacement in the urban area

Location: Dresden, Germany
Year: 2014

Ludwig Pfeiffer Borna Speicherbecken Wasserleitung

Underground Water Pipe made of Steel

Location: Borna, Germany
Year: 2015-2016

Ludwig Pfeiffer Mersin Projektmanagement Abwassernetz

Construction of Main Collectors, Pressure Lines, Pumping Stations and Sewerage Network for Sewerage

Location: Mersin, Turkey
Year: 2013–2015


Ludwig Pfeiffer Leipzig Mischwasserkanal

Construction of a CIPP Main Sewer

Location: Leipzig, Germany
Year: 2014-2015

Ludwig Pfeiffer Triptis Pipelinebau Trinkwasser

Potable Water Pipelines Forstwolfersdorf

Location: Triptis, Germany
Year: 2009–2011


Ludwig Pfeiffer Mutters Umverlegung Erdgas

Re-routing natural gas pipes, stopple procedure

Location: Mutters, Austria
Year: 2015


Ludwig Pfeiffer Jessnitz Umverlegung Wasserstoffleitungen

Re-routing hydrogen pipes for construction of a new dyke

Location: Jeßnitz, Germany
Year: 2015


Ludwig Pfeiffer Versailles Microtunnel Wasserversorgung

Rehabilitation of Water Supply

Location: Versailles, France
Year: 2014


Ludwig Pfeiffer Bagram Microtunnel Airbase

Runway crossing of an US-Airbase

Location: Bagram, Afghanistan
Year: 2014


Ludwig Pfeiffer Microtunneling

Expo 2015 – Derivation of Wastewater

Location: Milano, Italy
Year: 2015


Ludwig Pfeiffer Kanalsanierung

Inliner Rehabilitation at an Airfield

Location: Odolena Voda, Czech Republic
Year: 2015-2016

Ludwig Pfeiffer Gera Sanierung Mischwassersammler

Rehabilitation of a Main Sewer

Location: Gera, Germany
Year: 2015