Ludwig Pfeiffer

Ludwig Pfeiffer Compact Pipe

Rehabilitation of the water supply network

Location: Hong Kong, PR China
Year: since 2006

Ludwig Pfeiffer Garbsen Druckrohrsanierung Compact Pie

Rehabilitation of a conveyor pipeline

Location: Garbsen, Germany
Year: 2015

Ludwig Pfeiffer Stade DynTec Druckrohrsanierung

Rehabilitation of brine pipelines

Location: Ohrensen, Germany
Year: 2015-2016

Ludwig Pfeiffer Berlin DynTec grabenlose Rohrsanierung

Trenchless rehabilitation of a wastewater pressure pipe

Location: Berlin, Germany
Yea: 2014-2015


Ludwig Pfeiffer Leipzig Berstlining Sanierung

Trenchless rehabilitation of a main supply pipe

Location: Leipzig, Germany
Year: 2015