Ludwig Pfeiffer

Sea outfall Port Vendres

Location: Port Vendres, France
Year: 2017

Ludwig Pfeiffer Microtunneling in Frankreich

Microtunnel project

Location: Barrage de Bimont, France
Year: 2016

Ludwig Pfeiffer Erweiterung Wassernetzwerk Béziers

Extension of the water network

Location: Béziers region, France
Year: 2012

Ludwig Pfeiffer Verlegung Elektroleitung Combs la Ville

Host pipe under SNCF rails for electrical cabels

Location: Combs la Ville, France
Year: 2012


Ludwig Pfeiffer Bau Freigefälleleitung Roubaix

Construction of a gravitation collector

Location: Canal des Couteaux – Roubaix, France
Year: 2014

Ludwig Pfeiffer Versailles Microtunnel Wasserversorgung

Rehabilitation of Water Supply

Location: Versailles, France
Year: 2014


Ludwig Pfeiffer Bagram Microtunnel Airbase

Runway crossing of an US-Airbase

Location: Bagram, Afghanistan
Year: 2014


Ludwig Pfeiffer Microtunneling

Expo 2015 – Derivation of Wastewater

Location: Milano, Italy
Year: 2015