Ludwig Pfeiffer

Interview with Moritz Mir

Hello Moritz, first thank you for agreeing to tell us a little about yourself and your work at Ludwig Pfeiffer. How did you end up with Ludwig Pfeiffer? 

As part of my civil engineering studies, I took part in an excursion to the "Wasser Berlin International 2017" trade show. Since I knew that I wanted to do my mandatory internship in the field of special civil engineering, I directly went to see companies that offered this. This is how I got in touch with Axel Phillip (Managing Director, Ludwig Pfeiffer Leipzig). The information I received about the company's structure and business fields encouraged me to hand in an application for an internship in construction management for trenchless construction. The company offered me the opportunity to stay and work on a microtunnel construction site in southern Italy. I don't want to digress unnecessarily, but the posture length was 765 m and the diameter DA 2000. After finishing the internship, I knew that I would like to work in the microtunnel business segment 

For this reason, I decided to write my thesis about the construction site I worked at. The project manager Fabian Kaiser (Ludwig Pfeiffer Kassel) was the second corrector for this work. The final interview resulted in a job offer as project manager, which I gladly accepted. The ink on my employment contract was not yet completely dry when I was sent to Tel Aviv/Israel to lead the microtunnel works on site. I have been working in Israel for over a year now. Of course, I'm always at home regularly, but the construction site comes first.


At the moment you are working as a project manager for a microtunnel project in Israel. This seems to be a challenging and exciting task. In your opinion, what distinguishes Ludwig Pfeiffer as an employer? 

One of the most important aspects that encouraged me to start my working life at Ludwig Pfeiffer is the company's innovation spirit. New ideas are always welcome and, in my opinion, contribute to a very pleasant working atmosphere. The flat hierarchy of the company is very comfortable for a career start and it is very helpful to always be being able to reply on help in one or the other trickier situation. In general, I find the familiar working atmosphere at Ludwig Pfeiffer not only pleasant, but also extremely efficient.  Moreover, the international projects we are executing all over the world are very interesting and offer the nice side effect of getting to know the individual countries and cultures better in your free time. 

What do you find particularly difficult and particularly easy in your job? 

For me it is extremely nerve-racking when there are days down here when things don't go as planned. Motivating the team in such situations can be a considerable effort in these kinds of situations and can also be very arduous. Negotiations with some clients can also be challenging. These situations are usually a "ride" on the razor blade between own emotions and high demands of the other side. 

I like it very much in my job to grasp technical connections and to discuss an applicable solution in the team and to find a suitable solution in the end. One thing that I also like very much or that I also find easy is the organization of the work processes on the construction site together with the foremen and the management in Kassel. The best moments in my job, however, are when the organization bears fruit and produces a result that brings a smile to the face of all colleagues involved.


What do you do in your spare time? 

In Israel, I usually spend the weekends travelling the country and gathering as many impressions as possible. I also love to ride motorcycles. This preferably through vivid landscapes. Currently I am planning a small tour across Europe. Also, sport belongs to my leisure activities here preferably strength sport, hiking and swimming.