Ludwig Pfeiffer

Interview with Bojana Pavlovic

Thank you for taking your time for this interview. What is your job at Ludwig Pfeiffer?

I am employed at Ludwig Pfeiffer as a Quality Assurance/Quality Control Engineer. For the last four years I have been in charge of our two international projects: first in Kyrgyzstan (2014–2016) and then in Georgia (2016–2018). I can really say that I have gotten not only professional, but big life experience as well.

This is especially due to the necessity to communicate with many nationalities with different traditions, cultures and habits (Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Russian, Armenian, Georgian, Azerbaijan, Turkish, German, Serbian etc.), and dealing with many difficulties too.

Can you tell me something about your career?

One month ago I celebrated my 6th anniversary in the company Ludwig Pfeiffer. I entered the company on 11th of January 2013 (I still remember that day very well), as the assistant of Nebojsa Stojancic, who was my first "mentor". Since the company’s activities and projects started to expand in this period, the management decided to give me a chance. Between the middle of 2013 and up to September 2014, I worked on design preparation mostly in our office in Belgrade. And then – in September 2014 – my adventure started! O LA LAAAA!

I decided to try out the construction site. Many thanks to Radoslav who believed in me, and to all the other colleagues who helped me and gave me this great opportunity to show my skills, but more important – to acquire new ones!

During the trips, I meet great and also not so great colleagues and passers-by. When you work abroad, without your family close by, you and your colleagues become like one big family, sharing the rainy and sunny days. Yes, sometimes I was sad, feeling lonely - but in such moments, I was also faced with myself and I knew that I will not give up. I knew that I must be ready for new challenges. The next one already came in November 2016 – my lovely Georgia! On this project I applied what I had learned in Kyrgyzstan, I showed my capabilities and also I expanded my knowledge so that now I am even more ready for the next task which life (or Ludwig Pfeiffer) is going to provide – here I am!

Osh, Kyrgyzstan

What distinguishes Ludwig Pfeiffer from other employers?

What I like in this company is that there are no fixed rules which are putting you in the reins. By this I mean that you are not stuck in thinking and you are always welcome to bring new ideas, free to present your solutions without hesitation, whatever your age is, experience level, position, status etc. For me it was very important that this company is not working merely for its own aims. In every project we are giving our best to improve the quality of life for local citizens by implementing our constructions. Thus, never putting the company’s interests in front of the final product quality and work capability.

Yerevan, Armenia
Yerevan, Armenia
Tbilisi, Georgia

Last but not least – what do you like to do when you get home from work?

In order to stay diligent and motivated, sometimes you should release yourself of the lap top and e-mails and reset your brain for a while. Depending on which kind of person you are, explore and choose the thing which turns your brain off. Few simple proposals by me:

  • Periodically meet with people which are not civil engineers. Speak about all topics but don’t even mention office, work, deadlines etc. You will hear about other people’s experiences from interesting destinations, their local tradition, where to find a good massage in town, a recipe for fish soup or some local meal, maybe new fashion styles etc. This habit will refresh your mind for sure!
  • Always do some sports. I like to change the type of recreation together with seasons shift. It means that in spring and autumn I like to run in nature and riding the bicycle; during summer – swimming and aqua fitness training; and during winter I prefer spa, aerial yoga or some light training in a closed gym. I highly recommend aerial yoga training to all women – this was my one hour off three times per week in Kyrgyzstan for example.
  • Visit friends who do not live in your city. Since my family does not live in Belgrade but in western Serbia, once per month I visit my parents and cousins. It is always good to have a morning coffee with mom and dad. I am sure you all have some acquaintance somewhere in a countryside!
  • Take a long weekend and visit some new city or country! Traveling broadens your horizon!