Ludwig Pfeiffer

A day with Lisa Pöhlmann

Talent promotion at Ludwig Pfeiffer - commitment to sport

Our company employs athletes and allows them – whether in apprenticeship or employment – the compatibility of professional training and work. Thus proofing, that athletes can be well integrated into a company and that they can transfer their sports experience into the working performance. Moreover, we are proud of their successes. To give you a little insight into an athlete’s daily life, we have accompanied one of our athletes for a day.


Lisa Pöhlmann plays handball since she was 5 years old. She has already won top places with her team. In order to be able to concentrate fully on the sport while still learning, she currently completes a sports-supported apprenticeship as an office management assistant at Ludwig Pfeiffer. This education harmonizes both training and working times. Her next big target is to participate in the German championships.

6.45 am – The alarm clock is ringing. Always on the menu for breakfast: natural yogurt with cereals. Freshly strengthened, it's time for the daily weight training.

10.30 am – The working day begins. She is currently working at the front office and helps with all tasks. Due to the extended apprenticeship, she won’t miss any of her training sessions.

1.00 pm – Lunch break … finally! A healthy diet is important to the handball player. That's the only way she gets all the power necessary to master the training sessions.

5.15 pm – Now Lisa can really power herself up in the team training. She seems to be unimposing at first glance, but when she gets going, you do not grab the ball so fast!

7.00 pm – Time for friends. They always have dinner together talking about the latest gossip.

10.00 pm – It’s time to go to bed, to start the next day rested and in a good mood.