Ludwig Pfeiffer

Short liners

The short liner method is used to repair partial damage to sewers. The defective area is sealed off by inserting a short liner.

After the damaged pipe has been cleaned, the areas needing repair are located using a CCTV-camera and measured up accurately. A packer with the resin-impregnated short liner is placed at the relevant position.

On the spot to be repaired, the packer is inflated with compressed air causing the short liner to press against the inner wall of the pipe. The excess resin is ejected and thus seals any cracks and holes. After a short time the resin hardens, forming a solid bond with the fabric hose. The pipe diameter is only slightly reduced by the fabric hose. After hardening, the packer is vented and removed from the pipe.


Application areas

  • Sealing of extraneous water penetration
  • Closing longitudinal and transverse cracks
  • Durable repair in the case of pipe ruptures and broken fragments
  • Rectification of pipeline misalignments
  • Effective prevention of root penetration and proliferation
  • Excellent results in the case of corrosion damage and corrosion protection
  • No restrictions regarding application in municipal sewers and domestic service connection lines

the benefits

  • No ground works
  • No traffic disruption
  • Ecologically tested materials
  • Correct blend of materials in environmentally compatible packer
  • Wide range of packers allows repairs to pipes with diameters of DN 100 to DN 800
  • Optimal rehabilitation results thanks to perfectly harmonised materials
  • Rehabilitation procedure carried out under constant camera monitoring