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Manual Rehabilitation

Ludwig Pfeiffer Abwasserkanal

Rehabilitation of a main sewer [Germany]


Rehabilitation of a rainwater sewage system [Sri Lanka]

With mineral coating

Mineral coating is a technique for renovating sewer manholes, sewers and sewer structures. Mortar coatings to seal, re-profile and coat masonry and concrete components are being used.

After an intensive cleaning using high-pressure grit blasting, the structures are sealed with mineral systems and/or reactive resins before staring reprofiling works. The re-profiling process produces a surface suitable for coating. Existing irregularities are offset. The concrete or masonry substance that has become detached will be replaced. In the following coating step, a cohesive layer of mortar is applied to the inner wall of the sewer manholes, pipes and other structures either manually or using mechanical means.

the benefits

  • Short construction times
  • Can be exposed to water quickly
  • Installation via DN 600 manhole cone
  • Easy to handle - even if buildings are difficult to access
  • Permanently protected in the area of domestic sewage