Ludwig Pfeiffer


Ludwig PfeifferBerstlining

Lisbon [Portugal]

Burstlining is considered a pipe laying method. Using this procedure,  the old pipeline is being destroyed. The resulting fragments are pressed into the surrounding soil which allows the new pipe to be inserted into the channel thus formed. Old pipes made of vitrified clay, concrete, cast iron, steel or fibre cement can be rehabilitated using this method. The replacement pipes are usually made of HDPE with protective characteristics but also come in steel, ductile cast iron and PP.

When replacing sewers, short pipe sections are often used for the new pipe to keep the trenches as small as possible or even enable the pipes to be inserted through the shaft.

The pipe bursting method is very economic and efficient.


Your benefits

  • Trenchless pipe replacement with minimal civil engineering works
  • Pipe diameter can be maintained or even increased
  • All pressure levels possible
  • Replacement lengths of more than 150 m per day