Ludwig Pfeiffer

Pressure Pipe and Sewer Rehabilitation

Alongside conventional pipe and sewer construction, the rehabilitation of pipes and sewers has become one of our core areas of business.

We offer rehabilitation processes for gravity or pressure pipelines, man-entry and non-man entry cross-sections or smaller diameter pipes. We offer refurbishment methods for all applications and use our own personnel to carry out the work, including the associated earthworks, pipe connections and disconnections.

Through acquiring various licences and developing our own innovative rehabilitation technologies we are always at the cutting edge of technology. This gives us the flexibility to find an appropriate solution for all your pipe rehabilitation needs.

your benefits

  • Reduced costs for breaking up and restoring surface areas
  • Minimum traffic disruptions: no traffic jams and low pollution levels
  • Minimum civil engineering works
  • Minimum impact on residents (preserving quality of life)
  • No or only slight interruption of utility services

Within the pipe rehabilitation segment, we have specialised in particular in trenchless renovation, which offers many advantages over „open-cut“ construction. The trenchless process reduces the necessary civil engineering and road works, traffic disruption, construction site noise and above all construction time and thus keeps costs to a minimum. This procedure not only improves economic efficiency but also has less impact on the environment.

Our products and services range from local repairs using short liners or injections through the renovation of pressure pipes and sewers with PE or hose relining to manual lining or coating of man-accessible pipe sections and structures. Large diameters and lengths are no problem. Thanks to state-of-the-art machinery, highly trained personnel and our consistent quality assurance, we are able to guarantee a fast, high quality rehabilitation outcome.

The pipe rehabilitation processes we use are as diverse as the damage to be repaired and the various pipelines themselves. Regardless of whether we use a trenchless process or not, we are sure to find the right solution for any problem on any pipeline.