Ludwig Pfeiffer

Waste Water

Ludwig Pfeiffer Abwasser

Kyustendil [Bulgaria]

Ludwig Pfeiffer designs and builds new green field wastewater treatment plants. We rehabilitate and extend existing facilities, which don‘t conform to existing needs, requirements, regulations and/or to the highest EU/US/BS standards. Applied treatment processes range from lagoon water aeration systems to extended aeration activated sludge plants with excess sludge collecting, thickening and drying before final disposal including nitrogen and phosphorus removal. Whenever required we can provide anaerobic
sludge fermentation units for biogas production or conversion into electricity and heat for plant operation and external needs.

The skills of our process engineers enable us to implement biological water treatment plants with batch technology processes such as SBR
(Sequencing Batch Reactor) combining aeration and clarification steps in one reactor for high flexibility and compact construction.

In regions suffering from water scarcity we can offer MBR (membrane bioreactor) technologies. Our knowledge in implementing UASB systems (Up-Flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket) for the direct treatment of sewage in warm climates, like Central and South America, has proven to achieve considerable cost reductions with high nitrogen and COD removal efficiencies compared to other applied technologies.

We are always committed to choose the most appropriate process solutions in order to optimize CAPEX (investment) and OPEX (operating) costs.


  • Inlet pumping station (Archimedes Screw)
  • Coarse and fine screens
  • Grit and grease chamber
  • Primary sedimentation tank
  • Activated sludge tanks with bio –P, BOD5 removal, nitrification and denitrification
  • Blower station
  • Final sedimentation tank
  • Sludge pumping stations
  • Sludge thickener
  • Anaerobic digester
  • Mechanical sludge dewatering system
  • Dried sludge solar drying system
  • Gas storage tank and gas flare
  • Combined heat and power unit
  • Boiler station
  • Emergency power supply
  • Central control room and SCADA system