Ludwig Pfeiffer

Cable Construction

With our cable construction division, we support the realization of the challenges of digitization. We lay cables and conduit systems of all sizes, ranging from micro cables for fast Internet to power lines up to 30 kV. Our highly qualified, skilled and experienced teams implement the construction projects in the field of cable construction.

Underground cable laying

  • New construction and rehabilitation of cable shafts of all kinds
  • Production of telecommunications and power lines, both urban and extra-urban
  • Cabling and assembly services for the construction of telecommunication, low and medium voltage lines up to 30 kV
  • Use of state-of-the-art cable and assembly technology

Cable entry & installation

  • Installation of glass fibre and copper cables as well as micro tubes with state-of-the-art blowing and laying technology
  • Installation of connection and branch sleeves as well as cable terminations for fibre optic cables
  • Drawing in of cables and multiple pipes with capstan winch and logging of tensile forces


  • Cable fault location
  • Documentation of the route using CAD
  • Documentation management according to customer requirements