Ludwig Pfeiffer

Potable Water

After all, water is life.

Suppling water is a global challenge mainly influenced by two factors:

Firstly – securing a reliable supply for both nowadays and in the long-term by making best use of local conditions.

Secondly – protecting the environment and fulfilling our social responsibility.

Our range of services

  • Transport pipelines, local networks, individual house connections
  • All materials, pressure ratings and nominal pipe diameters
  • Plant construction in waterworks and distribution stations
  • Irrigation systems
Ludwig Pfeiffer Trinkwasser

Construction of plants

An accurate selection of specialised technologies, ample experience and qualified staff makes us the ideal partner for the design and construction of potable water treatment plants. We are applying physicalchemical, media filtration, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration process techniques for the potablisation of water from wells or surface water. In doing so, our activities are supporting to ensure a safe and constant drinking water supply for the local population.


  • From small to large size plants
  • Rehabilitation/extension of water treatment plants
  • New green field water treatment plants
  • Wells drilling & submerged pumps installation
  • Exploitation of underground water sources
  • Surface and river water intakes
  • Well and river water purification
  • Well and river water demineralisation
  • Sea water desalinization plants by membrane and evaporation technologies
  • Pumping stations
  • Water storage tanks and reservoirs
  • Potable water distribution systems