Ludwig Pfeiffer

District Heating

For your comfort.

A reliable supply of heating is essential. We can guarantee only minor interruptions of your supply by our professional work, farsighted planning and extensive experience.

We manufacture installations and pipes for district heating and district cooling in all pressure stages and nominal widths. Moreover, our scope of services includes: installation, equipment and renovation of district heating constructions. As a partner to various district heating suppliers, we deal with fault clearance and scheduled maintenance for district heating networks.

Ludwig Pfeiffer Fernwärme-Leitung
Ludwig Pfeiffer Fernwärme-Leitung

our benefits

  • Underground cooling, steam, local and district heating networks
  • All materials, pressure ratings and nominal pipe diameters under one roof
  • Construction of all buildings required for the project
  • Repairing, maintaining and fixing faults in district heating networks (master agreements possible)
  • Environmentally friendly heat generated from wastewater using heat exchangers
  • Experienced, highly qualified welders