Ludwig Pfeiffer

Direct Pipe

The pipeline is laid on roller blocks above ground and welded to a microtunnelling machine. A pipe thruster pushes the machine into the soil together with the pipeline by means of a hydraulic clamping unit. Soil is excavated and removed in the same way as with the microtunnelling method. Control systems mean that upward and downward inclines and curved drives are no problem either. Pipelines are thus laid in a single step.


  • Ideal for pipeline construction and sea outfalls
  • Combines the benefits of HDD and microtunnelling
  • Requires little space
  • Short set-up and construction times
  • Low costs
  • High degree of precision
  • No groundwater lowering required
  • No shaft structures required
  • Diameters 0.8m–1.5 m
  • Permits lengths in excess of 1,500 m
  • Can be used in any subsoil
  • Minimal environmental impact
Ludwig Pfeiffer Direct Pipe

Commencing Direct Pipe Drilling
This photo has been kindly provided by Herrenknecht.